Mind Becoming His Ideal Woman?

Mind Becoming His Ideal Woman?

Once a woman meets a guy she likes, she does her best to charm him. Despite the fact that all people, regardless of their sex, know that an ideal partner doesn’t exist, still, everyone tries to find the best match possible. For women, this question is especially acute since men are considered polygamous and it isn’t that easy to attract them for a long time. Thus, what secrets should a woman know to become an ideal partner for a man she is interested in? There are 13 of them.

Underline your individuality

At any party, there are lots of typical women. A man can get interested only in that woman who is obviously different from others. Now, we are not talking about the way she dresses or pierces her body. In fact, vulgar clothes scare men off; besides, if a woman is dressed like that, it means that she has nothing else to boast about and is easy prey. Thus, you’d better interest a man by your sense of humor or creative opinions.  

Be firm in your opinions and beliefs

Men like women who can defend their own opinion and life principles. Even in the severest discussions, they should stay cool-headed. Firm moral rules and definite ethical norms are of immense importance. If a woman is deprived of them, there would be no balance in a relationship with the opposite sex.

Stick to your own decisions

Every woman has her own opinion about things men like. You shouldn’t be an exception. Don’t get influenced by others’ opinions, be it even your best friend. Maybe, bright red dresses suit her perfectly, as well as her trendy round earrings, but who can say for sure that the same outfit will be the best for you? Don’t forget that your main goal is to try to look yourself, not like other girls.   

Love and respect yourself

Men typically get attracted to those women who really love themselves and realize their self-worth. Are you constantly complaining that your waist isn’t thin enough? Well, then don’t expect somebody to like your gorgeous hair. Raise your self-esteem, and your eyes will start shining in that special manner men notice far away! Besides, especially the way you accept yourself defines how others will treat you. Once you show that you accept only respectful behavior, people not able to provide you with that will automatically disappear from your life.

In this respect, innate women’s instincts will be of great help. Follow them. Use your own methods to charm a man. If he doesn’t like who you are and how you look, he is simply not your type. Moreover, never change something in your appearance just to prove somebody something. Truly your partner has to value you for who you are, not your theatrical skills.

Choose your clothes carefully

Everybody knows that the first impression largely depends on the way we look. For a man, a nicely dressed woman is tastefully dressed; and men highly value a woman’s sense of taste. Their partner should always look perfect, both at home and social gatherings. Also, don’t forget about your shoes. You see, you’d better spare some money on clothes, but your shoes should be expensive and of high quality. High-heeled shoes are considered highly sexual by men.

Pay attention to your health

A woman who doesn’t forget about her health always looks younger than she is. Women of the same age envy her whereas men admire her. Control your weight. Try to get enough sleep and eat healthy food. Go to the gym or do exercise at least. It will positively influence your physical and mental well-being. You can be sure that perfectly healthy women aged 40 or even 45 can be more attractive for men than 30 or 25-year-old beauties.

Beauty procedures should be a part of your life

Not a regular one, but at least on an occasional basis. From time to time, make yourself a present and visit a beauty salon! Even if the majority of men don’t know what is going on inside, they like results of those procedures and refreshed shining women coming out of beauty salons! Such procedures not only help you to look better but also make you more confident. Besides, it isn’t necessary to go to some of such institutions to please yourself because you can organize SPA-procedures just at home.

Don’t forget about the state of your skin

Fortunately, nowadays there are a lot of possibilities for this. Use moisturizing creams and sunscreens if needed, try to prevent wrinkles. Remember that your face is your business card. A man finds a woman with clean pink skin more attractive than pale badly looking or even irritated skin.

Your hairdo is also important

Your hair has to look not only neat but healthy as well. If it is damaged or greasy, what sexual desire can we talk about? Of course, some may say that confident women may attract men even with greasy hair and in old trainers, but let’s agree that neat people are much more pleasant to deal with. You’d better choose a hairstyle that perfectly fits your face. If you don’t trust your own taste, why not consult a stylist?

Learn to be an interesting interlocutor

Two people will always find common topics for discussion, even if their professions are too different. There are so many things apart from work to talk about, agree? Why not discuss some books, movies or TV shows?

Try to avoid topics concerning your appearance since a man may think you want him to compliment you. Never spread rumors, men don’t like it. While talking, look directly into his eyes. This will tell him that you are really glad to communicate with him.

Never be rude

Even if you don’t like a person, you have to treat them with respect and politeness. Rudeness scares off, especially if it concerns a man himself, his friends or, God forbid, relatives. Any man appreciates such women’s features as kindness and patience, especially if his mother also possesses them.

Try to smile at least sometimes

Don’t be afraid to smile as often as possible. A woman’s smile attracts men like a magnet. The point is that a smile may convey different senses, that’s why it is the most effective weapon to attract man’s attention. However, if you don’t feel like smiling, never force yourself to it. It won’t do any good if a man feels that your smile is false.

Be open to new experiences and sociable

You see, a man doesn’t only need a woman-lover but a woman-friend as well. Is he dancing or going to the gym? Why not join him or cheer him up while he is playing bowling? Anyway, it’s better than staying alone in the evening complaining about such injustice. Of course, if you don’t like such activities, you don’t have to engage in all of them, but still don’t be afraid to try something new.

In conclusion, all the points mentioned above are necessary, but they stem from the core rule: if you want others to value you, love yourself and never lose your individuality!

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