7 Typical Women’s Mistakes

7 Typical Women’s Mistakes

There is a myth that people fall in love at first sight and their love lasts forever. However, everything is not that easy. Typically, in a relationship, a woman plays a leading role, and a man responds to her behavior in a definite way. Here are 7 common mistakes women make while being in a relationship.

Mistake #1 You preach too much

The main mistake in a relationship is that women talk too much. It is not an ordinary talk. It looks the following way. When asked about the reason for her sadness, she answers: “I will explain to you how to do it correctly! I do know! You do not know, and in general, you are…” She starts her preaching, in the car, for example, when he cannot leave it. She continues eating his brain for a petty thing. Then they arrive home, have supper, go to bed, make love, and the next morning everything repeats.

Mistake #2 You are hitting a tiger with a slipper

Often a woman tries to make a man realize that he doesn’t comply with her ideal image. She keeps repeating statements like “You are lazy!” “How long can it last?” “You never earn enough money!” “When will you decide?” Such a way of communicating her messages will eventually turn him into a “cat” that won’t want to come back to her.

Instead of hitting a tiger with a slipper and telling him that he is not a tiger and he is not strong, you need to change the way you communicate with your man. Why not tell such phrases as “You know, I feel sad,” “You know, I feel very sad because I explained to you that it is important for me, and I hoped you would hear me.” This way, she makes a man responsible for her state. It is very important because all women wait for responsibility, and all men typically do not like redundant responsibility. That is why it is much easier for a man to make her woman feel comfortable rather than be responsible for her state of sadness later.

Mistake #3 You do not let your man speak

A man should learn to speak. When he is not talking, a woman feels unnecessary. The problem is that men are making plans alone and do not discuss them with women. If he says: “Now I am working to buy a house for us in 3 years,” she will gladly support him. A man believes that if he lives with her, comes home, and eats the soup she has cooked, he loves her. A woman asks, how should I understand the fact that he practically doesn’t look at me, comes late, and sleeps in another room? The only way out is to talk. Men should say: “I’m tired. Could you cook this dish for me, please?” and she will be happy.

Mistake #4 You run from one extreme to another

Women always run from one extreme to another – “always accessible” or “absolutely inaccessible.” Here, let’s consider two points:

  • When a woman is accessible to her partner despite his behavior, she loses her value, both for herself and her partner
  • When a woman plays the role of a rigid leader or “mother” in the family, sexual drive towards her disappears. Because for a man, “mother” and “sex” are totally different things. “Mother” – for love, and for sex, he has to look for another woman.

A woman is a combination of a girl and a mother. All together they make a calm harmonic woman that can be flexible. A mother cannot be flexible because she is always worrying about something and has to be “correct.” A girl cannot be flexible just because she is foolish.

When a woman learns to feel her inner world, she understands what calm joy is. And learns to find instruments to achieve this state.

Women are waiting until a “right” man comes, does something, and everything will be fine. Or bad. Because the need for love is a basic need. We can fulfill our basic needs independently. If a woman can’t fulfill her basic needs independently, dissatisfaction will increase. Although, she seems to act as magazines advise, and her man acts “correctly,” too. But she doesn’t feel. This makes people separate.

Mistake #5 You do not realize what happiness is

In this respect, we are talking about parents’ responsibility. Parents should give their daughter the experience of feeling happy that will help her to identify herself in a social surrounding. Let’s imagine that a girl wasn’t taught what happiness feels like. When she enters adult life, she doesn’t know the state of happiness. She knows a state of temporary awards for good marks, nice behavior, etc. She meets a man who says “I am happiness.” She accepts him in her life, but after 2-3 years of relationship, she doesn’t feel happy.

The main parents’ task is to teach their children what happiness is. And if a woman cultivates a feeling of calm joy in herself, she completes two tasks at the same time.

Mistake #6 You do not realize your beauty

Let’s face the truth. Every woman spends hours in front of the mirror when she is going out whereas she allows herself to look not so nice in front of her husband. It happens so because others’ opinions matter more to her than her husband’s thought. He is already hers, right? However, this is a grave mistake, and a woman has to look well-groomed regardless of her age, profession, or social status.

Mistake #7 You do not cultivate tenderness in children

Have you ever noticed how little daughters approach their fathers? Typically, girls display tenderness the moment they come close to them. In general, nature shows the model of female behavior. If a woman always behaved this way, her man would have no chance to stay indifferent. Why is all this disappearing with age? Why, once you start communicating with a girl, you need to wait for so long until she starts treating you tenderly? As kids, women did it subconsciously. Why should they again be taught to do that?

It is a matter of anxiety. The experience of the previous relationship. When a girl has been fooled several times, she starts thinking: “What if he doesn’t need it?” “What if he rejects me?”

If I approach him, tell him something cute, he will have no chance to be bad. The same as our children. First, you should always accept their feelings. If a daughter is crying, you cannot tell her she is crying about stupid things. You should say you would always cry if you were in her boots. You need to sympathize. One of the methods is to make a child understand that they are ok. You need to say: “In any situation, I’m by your side.” Avoid preaching. Many people say: “I am always with you, but when I was your age…” And the hell begins…

Simple techniques to be happy

  • consider the following point: “What pleasant thing will I do today?”
  • Go 4 kilometers per day. Not 500meters now, 500 meters in the evening. It should be a distance for one period of time.
  • Drink more water! Wash depression out of your organism.
  • Tell yourself: “I approve of myself!” As often as possible.
  • In the morning, do the things you like. Prepare a tasty breakfast, not “useful.”
  • One more useful tip. Choose one day in a week, when you do nothing. Nothing at all. You do not make your bed, eat yogurt, go to the gym, etc. It is a very important procedure.

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