An Ideal Date for Her

An Ideal Date for Her

A date is a meeting of two people having a mutual interest in each other. A purpose of a date is to learn more about a person you’ve liked. These definitions hide our emotions, feelings, and hopes that may be either become true or miserably fail. Everything depends on how a date develops.

Men’s and women’s notions of a perfect date differ. However, the main goal of both partners is not to disappoint each other. A first date is of paramount importance. Both men and women are getting ready for it rather carefully. Thus, let’s see what date is considered perfect by women.   

For women, the main notion while imagining an ideal date is romance. A partner doesn’t have to do anything supernatural, but he needs to be romantic, sensitive, and in love! To plan a date which your sweetheart is sure to like follow simple following rules:   

A place for an ideal date

Choose a place that is romantic itself. For example, near the monument where loving couples meet. Many ladies prefer to choose a place for a date themselves. Some of them like when a partner picks them up. However, don’t forget the traditional bouquet of flowers. Make sure you pick it thoroughly. It hasn’t to be huge, but at the same time, it doesn’t have to look cheap. Remember about the odd number of flowers!

Apart from flowers, it’s better to avoid presents on the first date. Nevertheless, if you’ve already met several times and know your lady’s preferences, you can prepare a surprise. If you are a poet, read your poems to a girl’s or appeal to classical poems while describing your feelings.

A walk

Plan a walk in a picturesque park or along ancient streets. Here, you would easily find topics for further conversation. Silence and constraint won’t break an invisible thread between your souls. Having a quiet walk and pleasant talk, you’ll learn each other better.

A café

If it is possible, reserve a table in a cozy café or restaurant beforehand. Pretend that passing by, you’ve decided to visit this place. When a girl realizes that it isn’t a coincidence and you’ve prepared beforehand, she will be pleasantly surprised. It would be perfect if there are flowers on the table before you come. Moreover, why not prepare a sweet surprise? (you may order the music your girlfriend likes) Communicating in a cozy place with nobody disturbing you, you’ll understand that your lady doesn’t want this evening to come to an end. Your intentions are the same – to continue communication.

Theatre or cinema  

It is a great idea to consider an entertaining program beforehand. Look through a theatre repertoire or a list of upcoming films and choose a neutral play or movie with no hint of vulgarism. After the theatre/cinema, accompany a girl home and show that you really like her. However, avoid being too persistent or clingy; otherwise, you may scare her off. What about a gentle farewell kiss on her cheek?

Your behavior at an ideal date

Have you heard about nice manners and being tactful? Thus, you should behave extremely tactful at a date with your partner. If your lady is leaving her place in a café to go to the WC, you have to stand up and help her move the chair. Also, make sure you help her to take her coat on or put your jacket on her shoulders if you see she is cold. Open the door before the lady of your heart goes in or out of the building; the same can be said about her leaving/entering a car.

Topics for discussion

The main rule you should remember at a date is to never impose your opinion on your interlocutor. Be mild in your statements and opinions. To make a talk flow easier, tell funny stories or anecdotes. You can find them on the Internet or recall before a date. Keep in mind that girls like humorous guys and if you can make her laugh, she will definitely like you! Besides, laughing together brings people closer, so why not try this simple means of establishing a powerful positive connection between you both?

Let the topics of your talks be different, search for common interests and values. However, your woman should guide talk in the right direction. If she is definitely bored and it is written on her face, it will make you feel embarrassed and keep silent. You may ask a lady what she is really interested in and move on in that direction.     

The final point

Despite the fact you’ve already parted this day and will see each other in some days, make a girl happy calling her after a date. Half an hour after parting, call her and thank for a wonderful evening. She would be more than pleased to hear that you’ve already missed her. Set a further date which will be as interesting and surprising as the first has been.

For ladies, romance lies in the fact that a man gives her flowers and invites to a café or cinema/theatre. If you are going to surprise a girl with a horse ride or parachute jumping, make sure you warn her which type of clothes would be preferable.   

To sum up, despite the fact that the word “ideal” can hardly be applied to a human, there are some useful tips to make your date a success. People are different, and it is impossible to predict whether a meeting will symbolize the beginning of a future relationship or it will be the first and the last day you see each other. That is why you should remember that after a date you can become the happiest and the unhappiest person ever. For this reason, try to avoid unpleasant surprises planning your ideal date and prepare for it beforehand.

No matter how a date turns out to flоw, has it been successful or not, it is an unforgettable experience that people remember for a long time. To impress a lady of your heart, try to stick to the following rules: be funny, well-mannered, and always act naturally! Even if you fail to do something perfectly, remember that we love each other exactly for our flaws! Thus, stop worrying and stay yourself. Besides, never get disappointed if a girl doesn’t seem to like you after a first meeting. Be brave, keep inviting her for other dates, and your efforts will be rewarded!  

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