4 Reasons Men Run Away From Women

4 Reasons Men Run Away From Women

When a relationship begins, it seems that everything flows just perfectly. But at a definite point, a man disappears without any explanations. It could be fine if a woman hadn’t already grown old with this man in her imagination and given birth to common children. Lukas McCord, a relationship coach and specialist, explains why it happens so.

Men are rather specific creatures. They definitely know what they like and dislike. The first thing they notice about a woman is her appearance. If a man considers you beautiful, he will invite you for a date. Your pretty face would be enough for a couple of dates. However, due to the fact that he definitely knows what he dislikes, he will start considering your inner world pretty soon. Soul, character, habits – all these things define his attitude towards you. And they are far more important than your appearance.

At the initial stage of a relationship, or even on the first date, there are several important details a woman should consider. Because men treat some of these details as a warning: “Run away from her ASAP.” No, this isn’t going to change if he gets to know you better since he will no longer have a desire to discover more about you.  

You desperately need love and relationship

Men dislike taking emotional responsibility until they get emotionally attached to a woman. If he feels that you not just “want” but need him, a red light turns on in his head. An emotionally healthy man doesn’t want to serve as a means of filling the emptiness in your soul or life. 

Perhaps, you’ve heard another point of view on the matter, but men aren’t dreaming of rescuing women from a miserable life. They want to be with a woman who can be happy and self-sufficient without them. It is not infancy or immaturity. You see, these are different things. To willingly help a woman you are in a relationship with, you are attracted to and who you love. But if a woman expects or demands that from a man at the very beginning, it scares him off.  

You want to forget your ex

No man wants to be a substitute for another one. If you’ve divorced or broken up after a long-term relationship, don’t look for some miserable man to console you. Men are attracted to those who boast about a perfect order in their life. If something is falling out from this perfect picture, such women stay joyful and enthusiastic. They know what they want from life and aren’t afraid to be alone since they are confident in themselves. If you are looking for a man because you are afraid of loneliness, potential admirers will instantly feel this and disappear from your life very soon.

Preston Ni, a psychologist and expert in the field of interpersonal communication, believes that “the main problem of a relationship based practically on the wreckage of the past is that we haven’t had enough time to analyze our past, realize what happened, and really let that person go. In this case, it is logical that our thoughts are always revolving around our ex, even in those moments when we seem to be happy with another person.” But it is impossible to build a new relationship without completing this hard inner work. Therefore, it’s better not to engage in a new relationship unless you’ve healed from the previous painful experience.    

You are a drama queen

It’s much harder for men to cope with their emotions. According to psychological researches, women are more passionate about expressing their emotions. Men hate deep expressions of feelings because they don’t understand how to deal with them. When a woman asks: “Where are we moving as a couple?” a man gets overwhelmed with negative emotions he cannot cope with. When she makes a jealous scene or says something like this: “It seems to me that I like you more than you like me,” he simply doesn’t understand how to react. This way, it’s easier for him to escape than solve this tangled drama.      

A beginning of a relationship presupposes discovering each other, having fun together, creating emotional connection and intimacy. But if you start evaluating his contribution to a relationship from the first days/weeks/months, if you expect more than he can suggest, he is likely to leave you. He will be either afraid or offended so that he won’t stay with you to check if you are worthy of his efforts.  

Thus, what is the best solution in this case? Just enjoy your potential boyfriend’s company. Give him enough freedom and time to decide. Once he realizes he really likes you and that you aren’t forcing him to anything, he is likely to start looking for a meaningful relationship with you. By the way, do you know the saying: “A person who is truly yours, will always find a way back to you?”

You aren’t confident in yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, why should others believe in you? If you aren’t confident in you and your actions, no man can replenish this emptiness. If you need constant confirmations that you look stunning, work great, cook like a chef, and raise children very progressively, he will get sick and tired of everyday necessity to encourage you.

Nothing attracts more than self-confidence and a sense of dignity. We have nothing to suggest to our potential partner if we don’t believe in ourselves and don’t respect our individuality. Also, it is simply immoral to use another person to satisfy our whims or raise our low self-esteem. Keep that in mind.

So, do I need a partner?

Women are wonderful, and men cannot move on without them. Women need to realize that they don’t need men to become self-sufficient. The fact that you don’t have a partner right now doesn’t mean that you have to find him immediately and make this your main life goal. A relationship becomes more wonderful once it isn’t labeled “I need a man.” You don’t need him. You are a woman, and you are beautiful. Enjoy yourself, your life, and all men will be at your feet. 

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