7 Most Romantic Kyiv Destinations

7 Most Romantic Kyiv Destinations

If you’ve already met a Ukrainian lady of your heart, you are truly lucky! Now, check out the following most romantic places in the capital to visit together with your sweetheart. We are sure that you’ll have an unforgettable experience!

Lovers’ bridge

You’ve been communicating with a Ukrainian woman for a long time and you both don’t imagine your future without each other? Why not risk and propose to her at the Lovers’ bridge? This silent monument has witnessed numerous proposals, so you won’t be the first man making that! Many caring couples meet here, and those ones who are true poets even write love confessions on the railing of the bridge. Also, a lot of loving people hang locks on its banister with their names written on them, or tie some ribbons over it, which indicates that not a fleeting passion but a genuine love connects their souls. The bridge was built in 1912 and has gained a reputation as the most romantic destination in the city ever since. Its location is very convenient. Go to the Arsenalna subway station, then enjoy a quiet walk through the Mariinsky park, pluck up your courage and…good luck!    

Fountain of desires

Go to Velyka Zhytomyrska Street, 2A, and witness the most unusual fountain you may have ever seen! The Fountain of Desires is made of 21 bowls, each of them with a depiction of the Greek goddess of victory Nike and a thin layer of gold covering. What makes this monument special is that it is attached to the wall of the popular Intercontinental hotel. When the sun shines brightly, you can be fascinated by the glorious sparkles of the fountain in all its beauty. Many romantic couples come here every day to make their most ardent wishes since Nike the Goddess is truly believed to fulfill them one day. A useful tip: why not read some information about Greek mythology and then impress a Ukrainian belle with your competence in this sphere?

Castle Hill (Zamkova Hora)

Bet you also believe that there are no obstacles to true feelings! Particularly, if we are talking about feelings for exceptional Ukrainian women! Thus, it won’t be difficult for you to climb 120 steps of a metal staircase leading to the top of the hill. 80 meters high, Zamkova Hora owes its name to Prince Kyi’s castle of 15 towers that stood on this hill. Once you reach the top of the hill, you will have an opportunity to admire the breath-taking views of the Dnipro river and ancient Podil district. Perhaps, this destination near Andriivskyi descent сould be even more romantic to propose than the Lovers’ Bridge if, according to old beliefs, this highly energetically powerful place wasn’t famous for its mystical happenings and witches’ gatherings. 

Navodnitsky Park

Presumably, there are no more picturesque parks than ones located on the river. Thus, the Dnieper river shelters this park at the Naberezhne highway. Right in the center of Navodnitsky park, there is a monument of the Boat and four people in it. These are the founders of Kyiv: brothers Kyi, Shchek, Khoryv and their sister Lybid. There is a wedding tradition to come here after a wedding ceremony and take a memorable picture. As the belief has it, if the newlyweds together throw their wedding bouquet with their backs to the huge boat of bronze and it gets directly into the boat, their common life will be peaceful and happy.      

Hryshko National Botanic Garden 

Probably, you’ve heard that Ukrainian nature is as beautiful as its women are; thus, you can definitely include this place into your must-see romantic list. Hryshko botanical garden is proud of its vast territory with abundant trees and flowers of incredible beauty. At the beginning of May, when magnolias are richly blooming, there are hundreds of visitors here, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the garden whenever you have a free minute. Its juicy flora combined with the utmost softness of green slopes makes it just a perfect destination for a romantic date. Why not lie down and contemplate amazing nature with a glass of champagne or wine in your hands? You can try this kind of rest at 1, Tymiriazievska Street.

 Landscape alley park

Built in the 1980s, the Landscape Alley is an amazingly fascinating place to have rest from city hustle and bustle with your beloved woman. Here, you can immerse into a dream world of childhood enjoying unique most colorful, and juicy sculptures of fairy-tale characters. Why not impress a Ukrainian lady with your romance and offer to contemplate the sunset at this wonderful place? Also, you can have an overall view of the historical district of Podil. Landscape Alley Park stretches from 2, Volodymyrska Street to 36, Zhytomyrska Street.


Just be honest now, haven’t you dreamt of becoming an astronaut as a child? If your dream hasn’t come true due to a number of reasons, you are lucky since it means that now you can go on a cosmic journey together with a lady you like or even love! Planetarium is a unique place in the heart of Kyiv, where fantasy becomes reality and the starry sky reveals its secrets regardless of the weather. This wonderful place, founded in 1952, is one of the largest planetariums in Europe. By the way, do you know that “planetarium” is an optical device used for the demonstration of stars and sky phenomena?

Once you decide to visit this destination, you won’t be disappointed since nowadays, Planetarium is a unique scientific, cultural and entertaining space for development and rest. Here, you can have a romantic supper by the candles under the starry sky accompanied by special music!  Thus, at this place, romance gets tightly interwoven with science, beautiful with useful, so don’t miss this chance to impress a Ukrainian belle! Very curious, romantic, and highly intelligent, she would definitely appreciate your versatile personality!  This amazing building in the form of a hemisphere is located at 57/3, Velyka Vasylkivska Street.           

All in all, just as Ukrainian ladies, the capital of Ukraine is full of romance, passion, and diversity. Everything you have to do is to choose a romantic destination you like the most and get ready to stand the whirlpool of your lady’s positive emotions!

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